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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment should I buy?

This will depend on your child’s division. We recommend every registered player have their own bat, glove, helmet, cleats, and grey baseball pants.

What if I cannot afford the equipment for my child?

We have a loaner’s program. Please ask your park president about providing equipment for the season

Will my child only play games at their “home” park?

This will depend on the park and division. Some players will be required to travel.


Can my daughter play baseball?

We offer co-ed ball. Girls can play either baseball OR softball. Softball is offered for females 7+. 


What does my registration fee cover?

You’ll receive a hat, jersey, and season of fun!

What if I want to volunteer?

Submit an application online and contact your park president.


How many players are on a team?

This will vary anywhere from 9-14.


Why do I need to provide a birth certificate?

This provides proof of age.


When will the first game be?

Spring 2024: May 4

Fall 2024: September 7

What color jersey will my child get?

This will depend on team placement.


I registered my player, now what?

Check out our Facebook page and follow us to stay up to date on all park activities and events. You will receive emails on upcoming events.

I have questions not answered on this page:

Contact Brandy at 317-566-4531 (text or call) or via email at

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